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Doxycycline generic reviews and testimonials

  • DD
    Dale Damion
    Verified review

    I absolutely recommend this drug! For the first few weeks my acne got worse, but it seemed like it was meant to be. Treatment lasted 4 months. Now my skin is clean. I liked the drug. So, I recommend it to everyone.

  • JW
    James Wynne
    Verified review

    It works fast and efficiently

  • WH
    Wayne Hector
    Verified review

    I’m shocked to know how many people complain about the side effects of Doxycycline. This was my second course of nasal sinus treatment. In both cases the antibiotic was good at fighting the infection. And I didn’t have big problems with it. I always took the pills after meals. And if I took pills on an empty stomach, I felt sick. So, I suggest you ALWAYS take these tablets after meals.

  • EX
    Ed Xander
    Verified review

    Hello! I used Doxycycline for malaria prevention before going to Africa. I took a dose of 100 mg for about 6 weeks. I had no serious side effects. Sometimes, I had stomach problems. But I don’t know whether they were related with local food or the drug.

  • TM
    Tranter Mike
    Verified review

    It is very effective. I used it twice!

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