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Vidalista reviews and testimonials

  • KB
    Keith Bellamy
    Verified review

    I have a relationship, but we live apart, so sex isn't always regular. Vidalista 20 was a real boon, it is fantastic. For me, one tablet lasts about 48 hours. It is an ideal option when we spend the weekend together. An occasional minor side effect is a feeling of burning in my esophagus. Milk, yogurt, or chewing gum help with this problem.

  • AD
    Adam Di Stefano
    Verified review

    Occasionally, I use Vidalista 20 mg because of short erections. The only downside is a slight headache, but if I take a pill in the evening or at night, I almost don’t feel it. I consider using Vidalista 5 mg every day. Did anyone take low doses every day? How does it affect side effects?

  • MW
    Marshall Wilkinson
    Verified review

    I have taken Vidalista 5 mg daily for about a year. On average, I go to the toilet no more than once at night. In 2 months, I turn 68. I visit a urologist regularly. Blood test for prostate-specific antigen improved. I had no side effects from the 5 mg dose.

  • MM
    Myron Millward
    Verified review

    I'm a bit over 45, and I have benign prostatic hyperplasia. I consulted an urologist, read information on the Internet and decided to buy Vidalista 5 mg. It changed my life. I've got better control over urination frequency. Maybe once a week I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, but at least six nights a week I sleep soundly. The drug works well. Sometimes I had a headache and slight hot flushes in the face, but nothing terrible. My doctor said that my prostate now has an excellent condition and good size.

  • BS
    Brennan Sangster
    Verified review

    I used Vidalista for 5-6 years on doctor's advice. Being able to have sex without problems makes me happy!

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