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Baclofen generic reviews and testimonials

  • RB
    Romolo Boehler
    Verified review

    Great, a very good price. It was delivered on time and corresponds to the description on the website.

  • MJ
    Martin Jeffers
    Verified review

    I am 43, and I was tormented by pain and insomnia. Baclofen 20 mg before bed became a salvation for me. I can sleep through the night with no pain and muscle cramps and live a more productive life. I 100 % recommend this drug!

  • FV
    Fiorino Valenti
    Verified review

    I have neck and back pains and intractable muscle spasms related with fibromyalgia. My doctor was reluctant to prescribe Baclofen as then I was 73, but we decided to try it. I have never had any problems with this medicine. Recently, I reduced the dose to 30 mg, and I had no withdrawal syndrome or noticeable side effects.

  • BB
    Bruce Butcher
    Verified review

    This was a serious road accident. I had the thigh, hand and fingers fractured. Also, I had a serious nerve damage, ligament and tendon rupture. For 3 years I have most likely tried all muscle relaxants such as Carisoprodol, Tizanidine and Cyclobenzaprine. And I felt like a guinea pig. All people are different, but Baclofen is better for me, it really improves the quality of my life. The drug stops not only muscle cramps, it also 100% helps stop pain.

  • DH
    Damian Howse
    Verified review

    I have a serious trauma with pain and uncontrolled twitching. Sometimes pain is so strong that I cannot sleep. Thank God, I found Baclofen. For today, it is the most effective drug (with dosage of 20 mg three times a day) for my severe chronic muscle cramps. Muscle coordination improved. This helps me better use my hands and legs.

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