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Baclofen generic reviews and testimonials

  • JT
    Josiah Travers
    Verified review

    Excellent service, thank you very much.

  • AL
    Augusto Landi
    Verified review

    Hello, all those who has spinal stenosis. Today I was in a great mood. About an hour after taking Baclofen I could move freely. I have excess weight and I’m prepping for surgery next month. I take Baclofen for the first time. I have no side effects and I hope that there will be no side effects.

  • JB
    Jarod Braxton
    Verified review

    Without doubt, it is the best online pharmacy that everyone should use.

  • ER
    Elton Royle
    Verified review

    Baclofen is great for me. I take a pill from time to time, when I have pain in the back. But the amazing thing is that I feel like I can stop drinking. I take breaks for a week and I don’t feel any urge. Previously, I drank every day or every other day for fun, or to ease the pain. One day I noticed that the urge to drink almost does not appear. A friend said it was because of the pills. I laughed, then I looked it up on the Google. It turns out that Baclofen has such “side effect”. So, I have a chance to go over to sober life.

  • HT
    Harland Thorburn
    Verified review

    I have a long list of problems related with cramps and pains. In the past, my doctor prescribed me a lot of drugs, including addictive ones. Now I use only one drug and this is Baclofen. And I have less chance to become addicted to it. It is better than the last treatment, it reduced my pain from 8 to 3.

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