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Baclofen generic reviews and testimonials

  • KT
    Kory Tanner
    Verified review

    Car accident and spinal cord injury resulted in lower back stiffness. I was prescribed Baclofen. Now I am at the first stage of treatment. The results were almost at once. The muscle stiffness disappeared, and it became easier for me to move.

  • DA
    Dylan Allison
    Verified review

    It has no side effects and reduces pain perfectly. I will order Baclofen again.

  • AC
    Adelbert Carl
    Verified review

    I’ve used Baclofen for the last two months. I got better control of shooting pain caused by nerve pinch. I experienced some side effects: difficulty in breathing and fatigue. But my doctor said the dosage should not be changed yet. I’m glad to be less tormented by excruciating pain.

  • MS
    Mary Slater
    Verified review

    I take 25 mg 3 times a day to reduce spasticity. The drug works well, it helps me walk. Pills too often cause drowsiness and I get tired. But anyway, it does help.

  • DW
    Dylan Whittle
    Verified review

    Hello everyone. I don’t have cramps every day, but only during periods of nervous tension. Doc prescribed me Baclofen as a muscle relaxant, and it worked! I need it only from time to time. It works fast, in about 30 minutes. Now I can have a normal life without spasms, for me the drug brought a huge relief.

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