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Baclofen generic reviews and testimonials

  • LL
    Lucien Lawrenz
    Verified review

    Four years ago, I had a road accident. My car rolled over and I had a spinal trauma. I used several muscle relaxants. Baclofen is the only drug that stops pain and uncontrolled cramps of calf muscles.

  • LG
    Letizia Gore
    Verified review

    The drug had an effect when I began to take it.

  • SE
    Spencer Eccleston
    Verified review

    It is the third time that I buy Baclofen online and I will continue to do so. It is the only drug that stops pain, reduces muscle spasticity and discomfort.

  • MV
    Miranda Vance
    Verified review

    I took 30 mg a day for back spasms and muscle tension and felt no improvement. But the dose of 20 mg three times a day helped me. I have no terrible pain and it is easier for me to move. I can walk in the park again, moving from bench to bench, and I carry the pills with me. Putting on my shoes takes just 10 minutes, and not half an hour as it used to be before.

  • AW
    Alban Wedekind
    Verified review

    I have taken Baclofen 75 mg for about a year. I reduced its use for nearly a month without too much trouble. I had no reactions to cessation. For me, it was almost a perfect variant, side effects manifested only at the beginning of treatment.

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